The next revolution in centrifugal slicing technology for potato chips

FAM Centris™ product line featuring the SureSet 16 cutting head
FAM proudly presents our new the FAM Centris™ product line, for the centrifugal slicing of potato and vegetable chips. Thoroughly tested and in production since 2015, the line has delivered better efficiency, higher ROI, and lower cost of ownership than any existing solution on the market. The line consists of 9 patented and patent-pending technologies, including:

• Our user-friendly SureSet 16 cutting heads and impellers that fit perfectly with your existing centrifugal slicing machine.
• An ever-expanding range of blades in all shapes and sizes
• High and mid-capacity, low maintenance centrifugal slicing machines

Better revenue, better quality, longer life, and lower costs

Our customers have been enjoying the SureSet 16 cutting head since 2015. The results speak for themselves: By using our patented line, our customers save money through::

• Up to 50% less scrap from slicing
• Up to 30% less starch loss
• Nearly no tapered slices
• No thick cap ends
• Reduced labor costs

Quadruple the capacity of the former standard 8-knife system

User-friendly, innovative design: improved line efficiency

The SureSet 16 is designed with our customers’ satisfaction in mind. That is why we focus on both user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Benefits of this process include:

• Longer blade life: Our Stumabo-made quality knives have a lifetime up to 12-24 hours.
• Operator-friendly cutting heads weight just 26.4 lbs.
20% fewer parts thanks to our smart design.

Lower cost in operator time: Requires only 12 minutes’ change time per head for 24 hours of run time.

Unmatched quality: Set & Forget and DualStage Impeller

When you are manufacturing your product, the last thing you want to worry about is consistency. The need for top-flight quality is a major reason we introduced the SureSlice technology,, consisting of SureSet cutting heads and the DualStage impeller. Our design guarantees that your quality is never compromised and assures knife stability without the need for adjustment during processing.

How does SureSlice technology work?
• You set the SureSet dial on the cutting head to meet your thickness requirement. Changing the setting occurs quickly as needed.
• The DualStage impeller keeps each potato free from shifting at all times. Additionally, two potatoes can be sliced simultaneously, which increases the capacity without sacrificing quality.

Minimize acrylamide

Protecting your customers’ wellbeing
The food industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce the formation of acrylamide in potato chips. We know you are doing everything possible, from using different varieties of potatoes, exploring tuber genetics, adjusting harvest times, improving storage conditions, managing frying temperatures and time, better soaking, and the use of additives.

Our solution for minimizing the amount of acrylamide in your product is by improving the consistency of your chips. That’s exactly what the SureSet 16 cutting head does for you: the higher cut quality and accuracy lead to fryer stability, which diminishes the risk of acrylamide.

Minimize damage from pebbles.

No home for a rolling stone!
Pebbles in your raw products can be a real menace. They can damage your machine and cutting heads so thoroughly that you have to stop production to replace parts. Those days are behind you with the SmartSet 16. Our smart design minimizes the damage done by pebbles.

Our new design combats pebble damage from start to finish, starting with the way your potatoes are fed via the effect of centripetal force from y the impeller to the improved sandgates in the segments and the sturdiness of the material. We are doing everything within our power to reduce damage from pebbles and the costs associated with this issue..

Seeing is Believing

See the difference for yourself by scheduling a free Potato Chips Slicing Quality Audit
It’s easy to give you a bunch of numbers on the improvements our customers have noticed; but what matters most is what the SureSet 16 can do for you.

Your facility is unique.
Your raw product is not the same – it’s not even the same in the morning as it is in the afternoon.

Your quality standards are yours alone.
Our complimentary Potato Chips Slicing Quality Audit can determine your confidential ROI projections and let you see just how much our innovative cutting technology could be worth to your company.
Call or email us today to set up your free test and join the revolution.

In-house produced knives and blades

In-house produced knives and blades
Time is money. To better serve our customers’ needs, we offer high-quality Stumabo knives and blades which come with a lifetime up to 12-24 hours. These blades come with a smart design and long-lasting efficiency that minimizes your need to replace them.
As your trusted partner, we deliver these blades direct to you in any quality or frequency.

Complete range of sizes and shapes

Our customers are not only our clients, they are our partners. When you – or your customers – ask for a custom shape or feature, our team of specialists starts designing to meet your requirements as quickly as possible.
Among our most popular shapes are our:
● Gothic arch
● Traditional flat cut
● Crinkle cut
● V-cut

No matter what shape or cut you want, if we don’t have it already, we’ll design it just for you.

Centrifugal slicing at its finest: the FAM Centris 400P

FAM is dedicated to building the most complete centrifugal cutting machine for the potato chip industry. That machine is the FAM Centris 400P. Its impressive features include:

• Exceptional direct drive system which can be easily removed for inspection; lifetime greased and sealed roller bearings which means no gearbox and oil reservoir in the product zone!
• Carbon-reinforced drive belt.
• Pinpoint distribution of water to minimize usage.
• No break motor, so no need for adjustments. We stop our machines smarter by using dynamic braking.
• Guard-locking system that eliminates wires and switches in the product zone.

Looking for something with a lower capacity? Check out our FAM Centris 315P.

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